Intentional ATV-UTV Road Damage! Board Possibly Rescinding Routes!

ATV-UTV gravel road damage has increase recently.  A person(s) are doing destructive damage to the expensive gravel roads.  These vehicles are creating circles thus removing the protective gravel and solution layer.  The Town Board is considering rescinding the ATV-UTV routes on these roads should this damage continue.  Please report to the Board any person(s) seen doing this to the roads.


Town has fill available for free.  Delivery within Town borders is no charge.  Fill dug out varies from removed location.  Please contact Town Maintenance Marc Wiesner at 715-418-9689 for details or to arrange delivery.

Town BBLEPC Seeking New Members


 The Big Bend Local Emergency Planning Committee (BBLEPC) needs your help NOW!

 We are your local response team that responds to emergency situations that arise yearly in the Town of Big Bend.  This volunteer organization responds to large events such as strong winds or tornado storms in the summer, overwhelming winter storms and major fires.  Our group was formed in 2006 because of the Federal Mandate that all government municipalities, including Towns, have a local emergency plan and group.  There have been several events where we have been called out to remove debris from roads and direct traffic.

 We have experienced the loss of a few members over the past few months, primarily because of either moving or for personal reasons as our lives change with time.


 If interested in learning more about this group, contact Town Board Supervisor Bob DeVoe at 715-868-5544 or 715-226-0428 or BBLEPC Chairman Bob Davis at 715-868-1625 or 715-828-2175.

Town Comprehensive Plan – DRAFT

04 27 2020 Ordiance/Planning Committee is putting the Town DRAFT Comprehensive Plan on the web site for citizen review since meetings are difficult to hold at this time.  The Committee will present the Plan to the Town Board at the next scheduled meeting.  The Town Board will review the Plan and make recommendations to modify the content, corrections or accept the Plan as written.  After this process the Board will present at a public hearing, date to be determined.  The Plan must then go before the Board at a regular Town meeting for final acceptance.  The Plan is then presented to the Rusk County Board for acknowledgement/acceptance.      Big Bend Comprehensive Plan – DRAFT – Town Web Site 04 27 2020

Your Welcome to Attend Town Meetings

FACE MASK MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES PER WI EXECUTIVE ORDER.  Social Distancing will be necessary – 6 feet apart.   Meeting room attendence wil be available until all seats available are taken.  No hand shaking.  Hand sanitizer must be used upon entry.  Please limit your conversations.



At the direction of Gov. Evers the Town Board has decided to cancel the April 1st Town Board Meeting.

Election – COVID-19

DO NOT STAY TO CHAT, PLEASE VOTE AND LEAVE! Town is asking for the April 7th Election that you bring personnal protection – hand sanitizer, possibly a mask. Wash hands before coming, upon arrival you will be asked to present your drivers license – hold it out for the election worker to view.  One time individual pointer will be used for the electronic voting machine.   Do not touch any items within the building.  Please following Social Distancing of 6 feet.

RECYCLING Remains Open on Scheduled Dates

*CORRECT CASH AMOUNTS REQUESTED* Recycling at the present time will remain open.  See Town Web Site “Calendar” or “Garbage/Recycling” under Community heading for scheduled dates and times.


03 21 2020 Town Hall building by order of the Town Board is closed for use due to concerns of CornonaVirus COVID-19.  Order in effect until board removes.  Exception is offical Town business.