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Town No Longer Accepting Checks For Garbage

EFFECTIVE AUGUST 1 2019:  After discussion at the July 3 2019 Town Board Meeting the Board has decided to no longer accept checks for garbage bags.  Moving forward only cash will be accepted for garbage bag drop off.  (Town will take checks for property taxes and other fees.)

Ordinance Committee and Planning Commission – Survey Results

Big Bend Citizens – Results are in……Available here for your viewing.  Committee will present the findings with brief discussion at the Town Board Meeting on Wednesday, July 3, 7pm – as requested on the Agenda.

Link to Survey: Town-of-Big-Bend-Survey-Comment-Results-07-02-2019

Again, The Committee Thanks You for your sincere input into the Town survey.  We had a outstanding, unheard of, participation with the survey.  Town mailed 654 surveys, resulting in a return of 297 surveys for 45.4% return rate!  The Committee is now compiling the data over several meetings, then providing the Town with the results.  Watch for these on the web site.  Again, Thank You!!!

Town – Survey Mailed April 24th to Town Tax Parcel Addresses

Ordinance – Planning Commission Committee has interest in your opinion about the Town. The Committee mailed out April 24th a 4 page Survey with Big Bend “What Direction” cover page and a Committee informational letter. Included is a return stamped envelope for your return of the survey. This is your Town, we strongly suggest that you provide feedback to the Committee. The Committee will then compile the returned information into a spreadsheet to share with those interested. This will assist the Committee with Zoning Direction. Attached is the complete Survey for your review. Please contact the Town Clerk if you did not receive the Survey and would like one mailed out.




2019 TOWN ROAD RESTRICTIONS CONTINUE! Restrictions in Effect until AT LEAST May 18th at direction of Town Board


Call Town Road Supervisor, Mark Schmitt – 715-353-2955 for TOWN road load restriction questions.

Town of Big Bend Restriction Posting Below……………

Restrictions in Effect until at least May 18th at direction of Town Board

Road Spring Load Restrictions Town 2019


Per Rusk County Highway Department Web Site


Pursuant to Wisconsin Statutes 349.16, Rusk County Highway seasonal  roadway weight restrictions have been removed effective Monday, May 6, 2019 at 9:00 a.m.

Scott R. Emch, P.E., Highway Commissioner