Highway 40 Road Project Objective

The scheduled Highway 40 project begins July 7 2017.  This will consist of culvert and bridge work.  The  tentative dates for Hwy 40 shutdown will be six days from July 30 2017 to August 5 2017.  This is based on weather.  The approved  detour will be from the South – Hwy 40, to Hwy 64, to Hwy 27, Hwy 8, to Hwy 40 and from the North – Hwy 40, to Hwy 8, to Hwy 27,  to Hwy 64, to Hwy 40.  There will be stop signs at the two bridges while working on them, these will be single lane.  The bridge at Island Lake Dam will be under construction most of the project time so that will cause delays, slowdowns.